Spring Has Sprung!

Dear Family and Loyal Friends, Happy Spring! This season always inspires me to reflect on my life, my path and my vision. This season in particular has brought an even greater gift, the news that I am going to be a grandmother! I am ready for the job, but not sure that I am ready for the name grandma. I can’t believe that in a few short months, I will have a little one…what fun!This new season and this great news have given me an opportunity for change, creativity, and growth. The past four years have been such a glorious experience and adventure. You have all given me the opportunity to fill my life with such wonderful friends, to work with such beautiful product from our local and regional farmers, and to grow as a champion of the Farm to Table and Slow Food Movements. I have decided to let this momentum carry us forward on to the next level at Fifty South.

We will be changing our hours, refining our menus, and focusing even more on producing wonderful plates using the finest locally and regionally farmed foods. My amazing staff will continue to bring you the very best service, and we will continue to feature beautiful live music, trivia night, and all sorts of other special events. Of course we will also continue to offer our space for parties and events. If you would like to host your event with us, you need only ask!

Beginning April 1, we will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 4:30pm until close of dinner service at around 9 or 10. On Sundays we will be open at 9:00am for our beloved breakfast, with dinner service starting at 2:00pm and continuing through 8:00pm.

These changes will not only allow me the opportunity to be a grandmother, but also to travel more with The Lily and The Rose Catering, to become more involved with the Farm to Table and Slow Food movements, and ultimately to be more creative with our dinners and specials at Fifty South.  I am very excited about traveling more and bringing back new ideas that will help me to expand my vision, while Fifty South continues to serve our community, provide a Farm to Table Experience, and be at the forefront of meeting the needs of our guests, especially those with gluten free, vegan, and other special dietary needs.

Thank you again so very much for all of your blessings, your love, support, guidance, and strength. I look forward to the next chapter of our lives. Thank you for allowing me to include you all in my life and in my vision for good and wholesome sustainable food, wine, family, friends and fun. You make my life wonderful.


P.S. We would also like to remind everyone that we are accepting reservations for our Easter Sunday Breakfast Buffet ( Ala Carte available as well) and Easter dinner. We encourage everyone who intends on joining us to reserve a spot now. Please call 518-884-2926

Words Can Be Weapons

Note: This is a guest post by Thom Kelley. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet him yet, Thom is one of the chefs on Kim’s team and he also works behind the scenes with her Web and Social Media endeavors.

It’s an exciting and amazing time this age of the internet, smartphones, and social media. A great power has been given to people. They’re networking more, finding a voice they might never have had, and their words are spreading at almost the speed of thought. Folks are blogging about or reviewing products, services, experiences and more. Gone are the days when we would anxiously await the latest review by a resident expert at some newspaper or magazine. Today anyone can instantaneously present their take on things to a vast audience. If it is a positive experience everybody wins, but if the experience leans towards the negative… not so much.

In a perfect world we’d bring our “A-Game” every minute of every day; however, in reality it’s just not going to happen. In moments where we drop the ball there are procedures and protocols in place for us to immediately rectify the situation. We truly want to make things right for our guests. We’re consumers too, and therefore we strive to give you the satisfaction that we expect to receive when we spend our own hard-earned money.

The trouble lately is that more often people are immediately expressing themselves via technology, rather than allowing businesses to make things right for them on the spot. It seems that some folks default to blasting establishments on the internet, rather than asking for a manager or the owner to fix a problem then and there. The unhappy customer walks away without being compensated for a bad experience, and their negative feelings spread across the web. That’s a “Lose/Lose” situation.

It could be much better for all involved if people would be mindful of the power they have when expressing themselves both in-house and on the internet. Let the server, manager, or owner be aware of your needs immediately. You’ll rightfully get what you’re paying for and the place’s reputation will stand strong. That’s a “Win/Win” Situation.

David Congratulations on posting Kim!

Love, Love, Love.

Photo by Kris-Jon Klopstock on location at Union Gables

Valentine’s Day was such a treat! I just loved, loved, loved cooking and serving such beautiful food.  Personally, I started my own Valentine’s night off with a shooter… An oyster shooter that is! At that point in the evening, I happened to make a bit of a “joyous noise” in the kitchen. Apparently that noise was overheard by a guest in the dining room!

Here is the official explanation for that: The chef, Kim, well…she loves her food, and she just had an oyster shooter. What started out as “quality control” quickly led to an overt expression of delight. That is all. Carry on…

So, after a wonderful evening of preparing and presenting sensual and wonderful foods, I happened upon my dear Jean, surrounded by two admirers and a HUGE box of chocolates.  What a wonderful site! To see this woman, who has lived such a great and interesting life, continuing to bless us all with her joy, beautiful piano playing, and zest for life.  It is proof positive, and a personal delight to me, seeing how love lives in all of us at any age. Kisses-KK

Oscar Night in the Gold Room at Fifty South

"Land & Sea" Grass-fed, Antibiotic Free, Humanely Slaughtered Angus Filet Mignon and Wild Caught Colossal Shrimp With Steamed Greens and Kilpatrick Family Farms Mashed Sweet Potatoes

This year the nonprofit Saratoga Film Forum, your local indie movie house, has come up with a creative, intimate, and affordable alternative to its usual big and splashy annual Oscar Gala, and we’re thrilled.  It’s called Oscar Comes Home, a series of thirty dinner parties throughout our community!

Dinner guests will be asked to donate a minimum of $35 per person by check made out to the Saratoga Film Forum. All proceeds from each of these six meals will go towards general operating costs of the Film Forum.

Kim Klopstock’s Fifty South Restaurant will host one of these dinners for up to six guests in their Gold Room on Oscar Night, Sunday February 26. Reservations are required and limited to the first six people willing to donate $35 or more to the Saratoga Film Forum and experience a fantastic meal in a lovely, elegant setting. Call 518-884-2926 to make your reservations soon.

What’s the Gold Room?

It’s a special place in Fifty South that has been set aside for weekends during the winter months, and every evening during the other seasons. Offering a slightly different atmosphere than the other portions of Fifty South, the Gold Room features elegant dining with silver service, candlelight, and it’s very own dinner menu. Children 12+ are welcome in the Gold Room and it can be reserved for parties and special occasions. Make your reservations today and experience the ambiance!

What’s the Film Forum?  The Saratoga Film Forum is a nonprofit, member supported, board-run arts organization that has been showing great independent and hard-to-find films in a range of genres in downtown Saratoga Springs for almost twenty years. It is the only movie house doing this sort of thing from Albany to Indian Lake. With minimal part-time staffing (a projectionist, and an office manager/film booker), the Film Forum shows movies at least three nights a week, eleven months a year. Many of these films are accompanied by forums or post-film-discussions.  The Saratoga Film Forum also sponsors kids’ movies, as well as free classics. Tickets prices are a 33%-50% less expensive than at a typical theater, and our concession items are cheaper too! We even feature coffee from Uncommon Grounds.

Why Support the Saratoga Film Forum?  Because a vibrant and diversified downtown arts scene is part of what makes Saratoga such a healthy and attractive city. Movies are a valuable and wonderful expression of art, and good art needs good support! We believe that good film deserves the same support as ballet, theater, symphony, jazz, literature, and painting.  No other arts group in the city produces as many events as the Film Forum, and if it weren’t around, the local arts scene would be woefully diminished.

The loyalty, interest, and attendance of our patrons are greatly valued throughout the years, but we need an extra boost to pay the bills, something everyone can understand in this economy. The general operating expenses of the Film Forum are significant, and as with every  non-profit, our gate, membership and ad revenues only go so far. General public arts funding (NYSCA) is down this year; and the Film Forum, like many arts groups, took a hit. Each donation to this annual fundraiser helps make up the difference. The Film Forum is a tenant of the Arts Center, and the two groups occasionally collaborate; however, a gift to the Arts Center is not a gift to the Film Forum. We are separate organizations

Where will your tax-deductible $35 donation go?  The great thing about Oscar Comes Home is that every dime of your donation goes directly into the general operating budget, and helps position the Film Forum for sustainability and growth.  Meaning: better sound, better seating, better projectors, more speakers — it’s all good!

The Valentine’s Day Experience

“Hallmark Holidays” certainly have their place. It is strange for someone like me to say something like this since I live my life so far away from the commercialism and business aspect of these holidays. That being said, I find that if you consider them in the light that I think they should be viewed, some of these celebrations are actually a wonderful opportunity to take time out to celebrate with those that we love.

Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner, is for the most part a time for lovers to indulge all of their senses with one another. This is something we often put on the back burner in our daily lives; however, paying attention to the one you love is really of the utmost importance, and in my opinion, should be done more than just once a year.

There are many ways to express our love all year long: keeping in touch, writing love notes, telling and showing that special person in our lives how much we love them. We can also practice random acts of kindness. We can cook for them, or take them out for a special night of conversation and romance.

For me personally, Valentine’s Day is a time that gives me the opportunity to work with and present foods that are decadent, aphrodisiacal in nature, sexy, sensuous, tasty and satisfying. This gives me such a thrill, creating with my team beautiful meals in the spirit of passion, love, and sex.

This passion is always a part of what my life is like in the kitchen. For those of us who love to create and cook there are certainly other dimensions to our lives and art beyond the connotations of Valentine’s Day. It’s always about the art of the experience.  I was just talking to my nephew Kyle about this recently, about how it can be delightful to have material things, but it’s really experiences that live with you forever. Experiences like breaking bread with those that we love. For me, that is a turn on!

So, without further ado I invite you all, my dear friends, to join us at the restaurant for our Special Valentine’s Day Menu  available Friday through Sunday and again on Tuesday the 14th. Tantalize your lover with our Oyster Duet, a Shooter served with a spicy tomato and horseradish sauce and two lightly fried oysters with our remoulade sauce. Delight  your special person with the Lover’s Duo, a 6 ounce line caught pan seared tuna (Rare Only), two grilled colossal wild caught shrimp served with a light Asian sauce on a bed of mashed Sheldon Farms potatoes, with wasabi cream and steamed local greens. Finish your meal and set the tone for the rest of your evening with Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! Indulge in KK’s choice of Chocolate Decadence.